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Imogen Poots
"When Natalee Holloway was kidnapped in 2005
America made her name a headline for two years straight.
She became the patron saint to all blonde haired, blue eyed
girls who were wanted too fiercely by bad men.
Now there are hundreds of parents weeping for their
lost daughters in Nigeria and yet I can not hear their wails
over the drone of Miley Cyrus rumors and white politics.
When, by some savior complex,
their story finds its way into newsrooms
we are only told black.
We are only told village.
We are only told “should have seen this coming.”
Over here in the States the story is
they are going to become child brides,
as if we should send them gift cards to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
There will be no gowns,
they will not be carried over the threshold.
These daughters are being sold
and just because it is not our slave drivers doing the trading
this time does not make it excusable.
As hard as you look in any article
there will be no mention of their names.
I’m sure if they were easier to pronounce
we would already be making bracelets in their honor.
You should feel horrible.
You should feel sick to your stomach.
You should not have to imagine them with pale skin
for this to sink in.
These are our daughters, sisters, and friends.
And they are still screaming."

Sam Smith - I’m Not The Only One